Is Pool Maintenance Important?


We have been cleaning and maintaining the pools in Las Vegas for both residential and commercial use. Our company does not only rely on the number of years and knowledge that we have. Like technology which is constantly changing and improving, we are also dedicated in researching new and scientifically-tested products to keep that pool free from waterborne irritation and diseases from microorganisms or pathogens. We are also known to have a “no tears “treatment system that has been carefully studied and researched for the benefit of our clients. These are only a few of our ways to show our dedication to our jobs and services.

Fitness Experts say swimming is a healthy exercise that helps you relax, stay fit, keep cool and most of all its fun for the whole family to enjoy together but, why is it important to keep your pool well maintained. Well here’s a few that might interest you to know about. when your pool is contaminated the water can spread germs that cause recreational water illnesses (RWIs). RWIs cause a wide variety of symptoms, including skin, ear, respiratory and eye infections. The most commonly reported is diarrhea. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that the number of RWI outbreaks has increased over the past decade. The CDC also warns that children, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems are particularly at risk of more severe illness if infected.

To ensure that your pool is dirt free and bacteria free.It must be properly maintained on a monthly or weekly basis by a Professional Pool cleaning technician. Our pool cleaning technicians are experienced, licensed and fully insured professionals. We will check the water by analyzing its chemical balance to find out which chemicals are needed to restore perfect pH balance and completely sanitize your pool. Then we add the right amount of consumer and eco-friendly chemicals to restore the balance. We make use of products that do not irritate the eyes and skin. Most pool owners can’t identify what the proper pH balance is for their pool or know how to get rid of algae in their pool. These issues can be problematic areas that will take a lot of time to resolve.

Be part of our valued clientele who continuously patronize our services from the time they first tried how we made their swimming pools sparkly and clean. They could not resist our excellent services. You too will not keep yourself from asking for our services once you have tried it for we always leave your pools in perfect condition. You would also appreciate our employees for the dedication they give to their jobs. We would very much love to be of service to you, just like our other clients. Let us do your pool maintenance needs and you would enjoy a safe and clean pool with your entire family. Your swimming experience and family affairs in the pool would always be fun and exciting every time. You also get to enjoy quality time with your friends with a perfectly serviced pool.

Our technicians have all the equipment needed for residential pool cleaning and Commercial pool cleaning. This includes pH balancing, chlorine and chemical treatment, cleaning pump and skimmer baskets, brushing steps, walls and tiles, checking pump and all other equipments, removing pool debris and skimming the surface and vacuuming pool floor. All other services are available for an additional fee. We discuss individual cases and recommend the needed services for your pool. We also do access shock cycle on all pools that host more than ten individuals during the course of the week. This anti-cloudiness regiment includes full acid balance, super-chlorination and oxidation to eliminate bacteria and viruses to prevent the spread of diseases and pathogens between users. Bacteria, algae and insect larvae may also contaminate the pool and cause diseases. Thus, it is very essential for you to have your pools maintained every week especially for commercial pools where more swimmers use it.